These Smart Wearables Will Make You Want to Put a Ring on it

These Smart Wearables Will Make You Want to Put a Ring on it

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The world of smart wearables has brought fashion and tech in the kind of coupling we are into in our ever connected world today. It sounds futuristic and cool, a commixture of two sleek worlds that once had nothing to do with each other — but speed up to the present and you’ll find they’re now fully aligned. Everything from fashion shopping sites with their own apps to wearables, including smartwatches and fitness trackers, are the advancement of fashion-tech. Even 94 year old fashion accessory icon Iris Apfel, has welcomed tech in her life with a recent collaboration with wearables line Wise Wear.

When approaching the right smart tech jewelry for you, design is the first to consider. It should go without saying that function without design, is just not “fashion-tech.” Second should be what functions are the most important to you. The premise of wearable technology is to get you the information you need, when you need it, without you having to dig for your phone through the black hole that you call your purse.

The best look is a look of engagement people, and not the one where you’re constantly gazing at your phone in the presence of good company.  That’s where smart rings come into play. Today we spotlight the super powers of the smart ring, which would seem like a match-made in heaven— but of course not all are created equally.

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Wearable Fashion Tech Just Got Edgy

Wearable Fashion Tech is the name of the game these days.

It makes total sense, that from what brand and season of bag we are carrying, to the latest in technology we are seen with so we can keep up our blogging A-game. But let’s admit, that the wearables market is getting saturated with trackers of all types. As technology and fashion are quickly climbing together, it’s best that technology keeps up to even, um, Anna Wintour’s standards.


That’s where Bezels & Bytes come in, born none other then tech capital of the nation, San Francisco. Bezels & Bytes is a fashion wearables company helmed by Melissa Koerner, a former marketer at Gap, and Sarah Shapiro, a onetime accessories buyer for Bloomingdale’s — so there’s no doubt that the brand has a strong style background. Melissa and Sarah discovered that their mutual love for technology was at odds with their love for fashion and personal style.

 Melissa and Sarah went to parties, baby showers, and weddings and saw fitness trackers and cell phones completing otherwise very stylish outfits. They discovered the need for “Style 2.0”: helping modern, stylish women keep their technology at hand in a fashionable and personal way.


Black leather silver pyramid studded basket weave tech wearable bracelet wrap around fitflex.

Images courtesy of Bezels & Bytes

The current prototypes are made only for FitBit Flex, but they hope to expand beyond just that. New technology will be dressed in the latest trends in the form of a sleek necklace or an Hermes-esque inspired studded bracelet.

Black leather silver pyramid studded basket weave tech wearable bracelet wrap around fitflex.

Basket Weave Bracelet $78


Now go show everyone at the office, who’s the fashionable boss.


-Dillon Delacroix



Editor at Large @ Fashion Hauler