Pucker Up In Lancome’s Juicy Shakers


Source: Pop Sugar via Lancome

Taking a dash of  nostalgia and current beauty trends into account, Lancome has launched the next generation of flavored lip color this April with Juicy Shaker. A throwback to their Juicy Tubes launched in 2000 and a nod to the brand’s products from 1946, The Shaker . The Shaker was a lipstick that featured a martini-shaker-shaped silhouette, as this was the time period when cocktails were very in vogue. You’ll see that same shape in this new item’s packaging. There are many attributes that make Juicy Shaker special in comparison to its predecessors. When you open the box, you’ll find that the color has settled to the bottom of the bottle, letting the nourishing blend of apricot, cranberry, peach, almond, and rose de muscat oils rise to the top. Take the package and shake it — you’ll hear the familiar sound of a martini shaker as you mix your cosmetic cocktail. Once you uncork the cap, you’ll find an innovative cushion applicator. Dabbing it onto your lips feels like kissing a supersoft teddy bear and leaves your pout infused with a sheer wash of color. Continue Reading

New Year, New Looks

Fresh Faced, Silver, & A Pop of Color!

Fresh Faced, Silver, & A Pop of Color!

Time certainly does fly! 2015 marked a remarkable 365 days for fashion. However, just because they were more strides for the better, we’d like to take the time to reflect on the missteps that might be better left off in the past. The end of the year symbolizes a rebirth and revitalization, one that you apply to every aspect of your life which includes things in your closet and the beauty looks you’ve flocked to all year. Like Heidi Klum says at the beginning of each judging on Project Runway,  “In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next you’re out”. This might be the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself and shake up your style with something fresh and new. If the 2016 runway shows are any indication, the new year will all be about fresh vitality, cool colors, and lots and lots of feminine undertones. You can trade in your old looks for something new and updated this time around. The trends are rapidly changing. One thing can be absolutely certain: you can stop contouring and highlighting your face every day, reserve that for special occasions–if the runways of Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, Narcisco Rodriquez, Emilio Pucci, Balmain, Elizabeth & James, and Hood by Air are any indication, that ship has long since sailed.  Continue Reading

Winona Forever


2015 isn’t quite over yet, but we’ve already got an abundance of things to look forward to for next year. Now, Marc Jacobs has given us yet another thing to be hopeful for in the future. He announced via his Instagram yesterday afternoon that is long time friend Winona Ryder was tapped to be the face of his Spring 2016 Beauty campaign. This will be the first time the actress has ever been the face of a beauty campaign, but not the first time she partnered with Jacobs in a campaign. Winona was featured in a fun an quirky Fall campaign only a few months ago and it seems that the collaboration went so well, they’re at it again. The image that Marc shared on his account was a cropped close-up of Winona rocking a a thin cat-eye, long thick lashes, and a hue of blush pink on her lips. The look is one that balances iconically heavy makeup of the 60s with the fresh, natural look that designers have been erring towards all year. The inspiration for the look has been sited by Jacobs as Delphine Seyrig from the film The Last Year at Marienbad.


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Pucker with Tom Ford “Lips & Boys”

Stop the presses, Tom Ford has finally dropped the second collection in his fan favorite lipstick line Lips & Boys. This isn’t the first time Ford started trends with lipstick or called out the men in his life; last year, his inaugural Lips & Boys set featured colors called Jack (for the son he shares with husband Richard Buckley), Addison (first crush) and Tomas (nephew). This time around, he’s created shades inspired and based upon his favorite hunks of Hollywood. The collection has been long buzzed about since the internet caught wind of a Drake-inspired shade, but alas, it’s not the “Hotline Bling” pink we’d been hoping for. Instead, the Drake color is deep, metallic, purple.

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9 Halloween Makeup Looks to Inspire

9 halloween makeup looks to inspire

Ziggy Stardust inspired Halloween makeup look by MUA Liberty Wise

Let’s face it, most of us haven’t gotten our faces painted since we were little kids getting butterflies and flowers painted on to the sides of our faces at the local school carnival. Halloween is the perfect time to unleash your inner beauty freak skills!  For those  of you who are scrambling to secure your last minute costumes, sometimes all it takes is your pretty little face to take center stage. Face painting can be a great cost-efficient option as you can probably sport your look with something that you already have going on in your closet and let your face do the talking; or elevate your costume to take it to next level seflie-worthiness.

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