These Smart Wearables Will Make You Want to Put a Ring on it

These Smart Wearables Will Make You Want to Put a Ring on it

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The world of smart wearables has brought fashion and tech in the kind of coupling we are into in our ever connected world today. It sounds futuristic and cool, a commixture of two sleek worlds that once had nothing to do with each other — but speed up to the present and you’ll find they’re now fully aligned. Everything from fashion shopping sites with their own apps to wearables, including smartwatches and fitness trackers, are the advancement of fashion-tech. Even 94 year old fashion accessory icon Iris Apfel, has welcomed tech in her life with a recent collaboration with wearables line Wise Wear.

When approaching the right smart tech jewelry for you, design is the first to consider. It should go without saying that function without design, is just not “fashion-tech.” Second should be what functions are the most important to you. The premise of wearable technology is to get you the information you need, when you need it, without you having to dig for your phone through the black hole that you call your purse.

The best look is a look of engagement people, and not the one where you’re constantly gazing at your phone in the presence of good company.  That’s where smart rings come into play. Today we spotlight the super powers of the smart ring, which would seem like a match-made in heaven— but of course not all are created equally.

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Snap Fashion Is the Shazam App for Your Closet

Snap Fashion app is the Shazaam for your closet


Technology never ceases to amaze me. The on-going improvements in technology are today’s magic that of Houdini, which now rests in the palm of your hand. Here steps in the wondrous app that is Snap Fashion, which is our closet’s answer to that of Shazam for music. Snap Fashion is such an app with the perfect combination of camera and intelligent software coding. Snap Fashion creator, Jenny Griffiths, invented this app’s visual algorithm to help solve the everyday dilemma of trying to find the pieces you have in mind or see on the streets, and at the prices you can afford. 

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Wearable Fashion Tech Just Got Edgy

Wearable Fashion Tech is the name of the game these days.

It makes total sense, that from what brand and season of bag we are carrying, to the latest in technology we are seen with so we can keep up our blogging A-game. But let’s admit, that the wearables market is getting saturated with trackers of all types. As technology and fashion are quickly climbing together, it’s best that technology keeps up to even, um, Anna Wintour’s standards.


That’s where Bezels & Bytes come in, born none other then tech capital of the nation, San Francisco. Bezels & Bytes is a fashion wearables company helmed by Melissa Koerner, a former marketer at Gap, and Sarah Shapiro, a onetime accessories buyer for Bloomingdale’s — so there’s no doubt that the brand has a strong style background. Melissa and Sarah discovered that their mutual love for technology was at odds with their love for fashion and personal style.

 Melissa and Sarah went to parties, baby showers, and weddings and saw fitness trackers and cell phones completing otherwise very stylish outfits. They discovered the need for “Style 2.0”: helping modern, stylish women keep their technology at hand in a fashionable and personal way.


Black leather silver pyramid studded basket weave tech wearable bracelet wrap around fitflex.

Images courtesy of Bezels & Bytes

The current prototypes are made only for FitBit Flex, but they hope to expand beyond just that. New technology will be dressed in the latest trends in the form of a sleek necklace or an Hermes-esque inspired studded bracelet.

Black leather silver pyramid studded basket weave tech wearable bracelet wrap around fitflex.

Basket Weave Bracelet $78


Now go show everyone at the office, who’s the fashionable boss.


-Dillon Delacroix



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Fashion Tech Steps Up Your Closet for You


As in the life of any fashion hauler, it’s best to be on your A game when it comes to online shopping.

Harper’s Bazaar gives us the skinny on 12 must-have apps for any fashionista trying to maxinista her closet.

“For the fashion girl glued to her phone, these apps range from shopping to closet organizing and are guaranteed to step up your sartorial game.”

1) PS Dept

For the fashionistas who don’t already have their own stylist on speed dial, PS Dept gives users access to a personal fashion consultant 24/7. Whether you’re looking for an outfit for an upcoming wedding or in search of the perfect over-the-knee boots, you can search through PS for one specific piece, or for outfit ideas as a whole. The app partners with stylists from an array of brands and stores including Chloe, Net-A-Porter, Stella McCartney, Derek Lam and more to give shoppers free access to expert advice—and once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can shop directly through the app.

2) Mallzee
Mallzee takes a Tinder-approach to mobile shopping, allowing users to peruse over 40 fashion brands. You can curate your favorite pieces into different style feeds like “Work Outfits” or “Girl’s Night Out” to organize your shopping wish lists. Mallzee also sends price drop notifications on all the items you like, so you’ll be notified as soon as that Alexander Wang bag you’ve been coveting gets marked down.

3) Like To Know It
Until our cult-favorite photo app is completely shoppable, Like To Know It is making it possible to track down the chicest pieces on Instagram. Once you sign in with your email on the Like to Know It app, any Instagram you then like with a shopping link will automatically email the ready-to-shop product link to you directly. It’s not totally seamless, but it’s an easy way to create a wish-list based on your favorite blogger’s Insta feed.

4) Spring
One of the biggest shopping app launches of 2014 was Spring, a game-changing way to shop on your phone. With an Instagram-like setup, Spring partners with over 80 fashion brands to let users shop apparel and accessories. The shopping app also offers exclusive collaborations, which have ranged in the past from partnerships with the CFDA and a Beyonce-themed shop. Spring saves your credit card information, shipping and size so you can complete a purchase in one simple tap.

5) Stylect
Deemed “The Tinder for Shoes,” this app wants to help you find the footwear of your dreams. Swipe through over 50,000 shoe styles—from designers ranging from Christian Louboutin to Nike—based on your style and likes. Stylect allows you to filter your shoe search based on color, price or style. You can also create shoe wish-lists and make purchases directly through the app.

6) Keep Shopping
Three words: universal shopping cart. The Keep Shopping app launched the world’s first mobile universal shopping cart that allows you to purchase from any brand or store all in one checkout. Through the app users can browse Keep’s curated products or explore the entire web, adding any product from any store to the same cart.

7) The Hunt
Dying to know where that fashion blogger got the outfit she’s wearing on Instagram? If you’ve ever seen a picture of an outfit that you love but don’t know where to purchase, this app allows users to post ‘hunts’ for clothing, accessories, shoes and more. Community members can help each other find where to buy certain products by posting the direct shopping links as well as chic shopping alternatives. The app also allows users to follow trending hunts and shop trending products.

8) Polyvore
If you’re ever in an “I have nothing to wear” mood, this app is your go-to. Polyvore offers endless style inspiration by allowing users to create shoppable collages by mixing and matches products. Not only can you create your own stylish outfit collages, you can also search through collages created by others.Going hand-in-hand with your mood boards, Polyvore’s shopping section allows you to filter through by color, size, product style, brand, store and more.

9) FAD- The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary
Not sure what the difference is between sateen and satin? Consider this your own portable fashion dictionary that can help you with everything from fashion terms to designer bios, fabric and sewing phrases as well as fashion history. There are over 1,300 terms listed in the FAD app that can help you improve your fashion lingo.

10) Pose
With Pose you can see what others are wearing on any given day based on the weather and your location. Pose provides your daily weather while also giving you outfit inspiration based on the forecast. To further filter your search you can browse outfit pictures based on the occasion you’re dressing for—a dinner party, a bridal shower, a day at the office and more.

11) Stylebook
Stylebook brings Cher Horowitz’s closet to life on your phone. It allows you to virtually curate the pieces in your wardrobe by uploading pictures in order to style and organize them. Users can create and plan outfits using photos of your actual clothes and accessories. The app also allows you to create packing lists, plan outfits in advance and keep track of what you wore when.

12) Stylekick
Stylekick’s personal shopping app lets users shop directly from their favorite street style photos featured in the inspiration feed. The app recommends outfits and pieces for you to shop based on your personal style and interests. Users are given their own Instagram-like profile where they can upload street style pictures or their #OOTD photos for style feedback. Bonus part of Stylekick’s community: you can meet and chat with other style bloggers as well as get any outfit or style advice from a sea of fashion lovers also tapping away on the app.

-Dillon D.

Editor at Large @ Fashion Hauler