Future of Athleisure: Smart Clothes

Future of Athleisure: Smart Clothes

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February is here — and either you’ve been on a roll with your New Year’s resolution fitness goals, or you’ve fallen off the bandwagon just like the rest of us. Unless you’re working as professional supermodels like the Hadid sisters, some of us need the extra help to get us on track. Cue in the next trend in athleisure wear to help aid you: smart clothes.

The latest to hit wearable tech expands beyond your typical arm candy. Many products moved away from the wrist and onto, for example, the chest, the shoe, the sock, the belt, the shirt and even to the underwear. While they’re flicking off sweat, this new category in apparel can monitor things like breathing rate, heart rate, calories burned and more. Some even keep tabs on your form, alerting in real time you when you need an adjustment. Check out our top three notable round ups.

  1. OMbra
Future of Athleisure: Smart Clothes

Photo: OmBra

The OMbra, the worlds’s first “smart” bra, made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month. OMsignal, aims to measure your biometrics through a piece of clothing you plan on wearing daily.”Women gravitate towards wearables, but they don’t want an item they have to put on or worry about every day,” says OMsignal chief marketing officer Shaz Khang. And “if they’re going to be wearing it all day, they want to get more information.”

The bra is expected to start shipping in spring, for around $150 on its website.


2. Athos

Future of Athleisure: Smart Clothes

Photo: Athos

Athos is based on medical technology, but designed for gym fanatics. Its range of training clothes is woven with micro-EMG sensors that detect which of your muscles are working and transfer this workout data to a smartphone via a Bluetooth core. Muscle effort, heart rate and breathing are all tracked and the app provides insights to help you to exercise correctly and avoid injury. This could be the personal trainer in your pocket you’ve been waiting for.

From $199, liveathos.com


3. Sensoria 

Future of Athleisure: Smart Clothes

Photo: Sensoria

For those looking to up their running game, there are a few options to track your jogs for better results, whether it’s running a marathon or just staying fit. These socks come in two pairs, with one compatibility anklet, and one charger; they have three textile sensors woven into the sole of the sock to detect foot pressure. These sensors monitor your cadence and where your foot is landing as you run—the heel or ball. It’ll let you know if you need to try to take more steps, or rethink your form. For $200 a pop you get the added “bonus” of  these socks being machine-washable, and are made with an antimicrobial fabric.

All in all wearables beyond wrist wear has a bit to go. There isn’t a ton of options on the market just yet as the major drawbacks are due to that fact that they’re usually clunky, not fashion-focused, and most of all pretty expensive. Right now, this is something that would make the most sense for professional athletes, who need any edge they can get. For the rest of us, don’t retire your Lululemon leggings just yet.

-Dillon D.

Editor at Large @ Fashion Hauler

Dillon Delacroix

Editor at Large @ Fashion Hauler

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