The Unexpected Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Unexpected Father's Day Gift Guide


Father’s day is fast approaching on June 19th, and for some (like me) it’s that dreadful time for us girls to give gifts to that of the opposite sex, especially when it comes to our dads! It’s daunting, and there’s a lot to sift through — whether that’s something techy, barbecue-y, or when it comes to adding a little something special to their personal style. Dads come in all sorts of shapes and personas these days, and there’s some good news to that as there’s a multitude of cool unexpected things that are sure to tickle his fancy. We’ve found cool art books, fun accessories from SSENSE’s epic 70% off sale, as well as some good old gadgety sifts through Brookstone’s.

But enough with the ranting about the task at hand, this is the time to celebrate our fathers who are half responsible of bringing us into the world. They’re awesome, and they deserve all the love we can give to them this day. Look no further as we took out the grunt work to find all things unusual and thoughtful to show dad we care. And while you can certainly splurge, we’ve got meaningful options that cost under $50, too. Your dad may not necessarily need these things, but we are sure he will love them.

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-Dillon D.

Editor at Large @ Fashion Hauler

Dillon Delacroix

Editor at Large @ Fashion Hauler

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