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Here at Fashion Hauler, the tastebuds are a plenty when it comes to fashion. It’s important to play around with your style, and not keep it so serious from time to time. Today our outfit feels are a little bit of grunge, meets quirky, with a little playful fun. We have our eye on all things Gucci right now. Seriously, the Spring S/S 16 collection is dynamite and we won’t stop talking about it! Now if only we could get our hands on the coveted $10k hand-painted Gucci leather jackets — that’s deemed the only moto jacket you’ll need this Spring by Vogue, our life would be so complete.

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The Trendiest Shoe is in Your Grandma’s Closet


Every now and then, we see a parade of shoes sent down the runway that completely captures our attention — like, in a way where we end up completely forgetting what the clothes actually looked like and spending the rest of the day in a tizzy, dreaming about going all Cinderella with the kicks of our dreams. In spring 2014, we embraced the Birkenstock. In spring 2015, we loved the slide. And this spring, it’s going to be all about the grandma heel.

Over the past few years, fashion has been readily embracing practical, comfortable footwear — and we couldn’t be happier. Sneakers have become street style bait and kitten heels are far from taboo. Even Barbie has loosened the reigns on her style rules by embracing flats. So it only makes sense that right now, low, chunky heels (aka grandma heels) are all the rage. Since heels over three inches “change the biomechanics of how you walk, compounding the stress you put on your back and hips,” grandma heels, which are generally under 2 1/2 inches, are better for your health. Not to mention “the thick heel can offer stability and support.” It started, as many of the more head-scratchy trends often do, at Fashion Week, when editors and bloggers the planet over like to bust out their boldest artifacts and strangest new obsessions for a little road test. Among the latest regalia, a new breed of “sensible,” grandmotherly shoe became a common theme: style doesn’t have to make you uncomfortable. If you’re timid about embracing the trend, just browse through the ladies of Advanced Style to see that dressing like a grandma is anything but bland.


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