Beverly Drive Haul #2: Sushi Kiyono


After checking out a couple local boutiques on Beverly Drive, I was famished & was delighted to come across Sushi Kiyono.

I use to work in the DTLA area close to little Tokyo, where getting some of the best (and reasonably priced) sushi was abundant in options. Trying most similar traditional restaurants of the same caliber outside of that area can be usually quite disappointing and a huge dent in your pocket. Sushi sasabune? Urasawa? Matsuhisa? Yea all very good, but takes away so much from mama’s spending money for hauling heaps of good fashion. No bueno!

I must say that the quality and level of sushi is pretty close to one of my favorite kinda-secret spot Sushi Go 55, but I am saving that for another post. Sushi Kiyono definitely could be a pricey joint, but for lunch they keep it reasonable for all the people who power lunch around the area.


Restaurant front of Kiyono

Restaurant front of Kiyono

photo 5

Kawasaki san, Alex san, and Shintaro san!

The menu was a traditional menu, nothing Asian noveau about it. You can find everything from tempura, to chicken teriyaki, agedashi tofu, to a simple sushi and sashimi offering. They also have special seasonal fish flown in from Japan listed on their board, that aren’t normally found on the sushi menu.

photo 4

Very traditional menu, definitely no fusion-type trendy stuff!

photo 2

Make sure to ask for the gluten-free tamari, it’s also organic ;)

Now let’s talk about the fish. It’s all about the fish here, and frankly that’s the main thing that should set real sushi restaurants apart. I opted for the lunch nigiri menu in order to try the many different fish offerings, but maneuvered my sneaky self onto my dining buddies plates as well.

photo 2

Lean Blue Fin Tuna

The tuna was amazing. No dyes were used in the fish; it was fresh, light, and perfect!

sushi lover red snapper halibut

Glorious red snapper with yuzu and lemon, and dressed halbiut!

It’s always joyous when sushi restaurants know how to dress their fish the right way. So much so, that you aren’t allowed to dip that perfectly dressed fish into any extra soy sauce.

photo 1

Amazing $17.80 Nigiri lunch combo served with Miso & green salad.


So happy I opted for the nigiri lunch option. It really gave me an idea of the freshness of how their fish was like. It was honestly a lot of good food!  Go here for really good sushi outside of the Little Tokyo or Japan Town area in LA. Now onto more shopping!


-Dillon D.

Find them:

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 3.35.53 PM
Sushi Kiyono
255 S Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Phone number(310) 205-3741


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