Model of the Year: Anna Ewers

tumblr_ntci2lHUau1scvafqo1_1280 released the results for their annual Model of the Year poll and there is a distinct divide between what the Industry likes and what fans are into. This split can basically be summed up like this: the Fashion Industry doesn’t really care about Instagram. Industry experts were polled–including the likes of Love magazine’s Katie Grand, French stylist Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, and W’s Edward Enniful–and readers were polled separately with the same nominees and while there is some overlap in the choices, there is a stark contrast where it counts, namely with the female choice for Model of the Year. While this year was seemingly dominated by Gigi Hadid coverage on nearly every fashion outlet, with us being no exception, the industry seems to be sending out the message that it still favor quality, not quantity. Twenty-two year old German model Anna Ewers was crowned Top Model for be the “defining face of 2015”. A quick look at her work from this year, it’s easy to see why. Anna’s bleached brows, strong jawline, and mile-long legs were a fixture at numerous fashion shows and campaigns, making her one of the most coveted faces for designers these past seasons.A favorite of Alexander Wang, Ewers walked in the designer’s first-ever show for Balenciaga, where he served as creative director until earlier this year. Since then, she’s worked with Wang at his eponymous label, appearing on the runway and in his campaigns, as well as at Balenciaga. She ranks on’s Top 50 list, and has recently been featured in ads for Hugo Boss, David Yurman, and H&M, among many others. She even has a few Vogue covers (and one Harper’s Bazaar one) under her belt from this year alone.


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Winona Forever


2015 isn’t quite over yet, but we’ve already got an abundance of things to look forward to for next year. Now, Marc Jacobs has given us yet another thing to be hopeful for in the future. He announced via his Instagram yesterday afternoon that is long time friend Winona Ryder was tapped to be the face of his Spring 2016 Beauty campaign. This will be the first time the actress has ever been the face of a beauty campaign, but not the first time she partnered with Jacobs in a campaign. Winona was featured in a fun an quirky Fall campaign only a few months ago and it seems that the collaboration went so well, they’re at it again. The image that Marc shared on his account was a cropped close-up of Winona rocking a a thin cat-eye, long thick lashes, and a hue of blush pink on her lips. The look is one that balances iconically heavy makeup of the 60s with the fresh, natural look that designers have been erring towards all year. The inspiration for the look has been sited by Jacobs as Delphine Seyrig from the film The Last Year at Marienbad.


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Radiant Human’s Good Vibration

Radiant Human & Aura Photography

image courtesy of: Goop

What’s in a picture? In a time where selfie culture is prevalent, there’s one woman who’s making the self-portrait environment a little bit more substantial. I had the opportunity to experience this much talked about photography experience yesterday as a special birthday treat from my good friend, to get my aura captured. At first the idea sounded like a new crazy hipster trend, but after the photo session and getting an in depth explanation with Christina Lonsdale about my aura, whose project Radiant Human has been gaining fast-growing popularity, I was turned into a mystic believer.


Radiant Human Aura Project


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