The Unexpected Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Unexpected Father's Day Gift Guide


Father’s day is fast approaching on June 19th, and for some (like me) it’s that dreadful time for us girls to give gifts to that of the opposite sex, especially when it comes to our dads! It’s daunting, and there’s a lot to sift through — whether that’s something techy, barbecue-y, or when it comes to adding a little something special to their personal style. Dads come in all sorts of shapes and personas these days, and there’s some good news to that as there’s a multitude of cool unexpected things that are sure to tickle his fancy. We’ve found cool art books, fun accessories from SSENSE’s epic 70% off sale, as well as some good old gadgety sifts through Brookstone’s.

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Snap Fashion Is the Shazam App for Your Closet

Snap Fashion app is the Shazaam for your closet


Technology never ceases to amaze me. The on-going improvements in technology are today’s magic that of Houdini, which now rests in the palm of your hand. Here steps in the wondrous app that is Snap Fashion, which is our closet’s answer to that of Shazam for music. Snap Fashion is such an app with the perfect combination of camera and intelligent software coding. Snap Fashion creator, Jenny Griffiths, invented this app’s visual algorithm to help solve the everyday dilemma of trying to find the pieces you have in mind or see on the streets, and at the prices you can afford. 

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Is #TrapperChic Really A Thing?

You know the guy. He rides a fixed gear bike, carries his belongings in a leather satchel, has a fully beard, and is usually seen wearing a beanie and a flannel year-round in spite of warm weather. His name is Lumbersecxual and he’s currently pinning his screenplay at a Starbucks and moonlights as a bartender.

Now, let me introduce you to his close friend: The Trapper Chic guy. Because the internet can not go five minutes without coining a phrase, we now have this little gem of a term to describe. . .well, attractive men in big fur coats that look one part Leonardo DiCaprio on a regular day and one part Leonardo DiCaprio being eaten alive by a bear in his Oscar winning role of The Revenant. Yes, Trapper Chic is the new buzzword to be on the lookout for this winter when all your favorite Instagram hunks start donning big fur coats and maybe a few coonskin caps. Last month, at the fall 2016 men’s wear shows, wild and woolly Western-inflected counterparts of that cushioned-and-quilted tech look were released on the European runways. A similar survivalist swagger materialized a year ago in the fall 2015 men’s collections, the mood expressed in the outdoorsy, performance-wear of brands like Stone Island; Acronym, a German cult favorite; and White Mountaineering, a Japanese label, each built on so-called tactical dressing, showcasing tech and combat derived looks made from high-performance materials with trade names like Polartec and Gore-Tex (think L.L. Bean parkas), complete with multiple tool pockets and heat-sealed seams.

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Saint Laurent Goes Hollywood

20-scene-models 3

Models At the After Party; Courtesy of


Heidi Slimane loves rock music. The first campaign launched under his leadership at Saint Laurent featured the likes of musicians like Courtney Love, Ariel Pink, and Marilyn Manson. To be precise, Heidi is a fan of rock music, especially that of the LA scene. His muse of the moment is Julia Cumming, whom he scouted for a show when he saw her band performing in Hollywood. Now, to kick-off Fashion Week, Silmane has combined his two loves by throwing a fashion show/rock concert at the Hollywood Palladium. In what seems to be a growing trend with designers forgoing Fashion Week altogether (Stella McCartney did another music-themed show at Amobea early last month and Tom Ford is dropping out of the event altogether opting instead to show his Fall collection actually in the Fall), the show was not short on theatrics or celebrities as guests were treated a runway show and concert headlined by Joan Jett immediately afterwards. Continue Reading

The Ultimate Boo & Bae Valentine’s Gift Guide

The Ultimate Boo & Bae Valentine's Gift Guide Valentine Day


Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and for most of us that bare having a SO—a state of panic is ensuing whether that’s securing a table reservation at an overrated restaurant hotspot or finding something thoughtful to show we care. It’s a hard cruel world out there finding the balance of showing your feelings in a chic and tasteful way without any of the cheese. You can be sure to pass on the thoughtless drug store-bought box of chocolates, and opt for artisanal Swiss-crafted Dom Perignon truffles instead.

You’ll be sure to drop her panties, or his boxers for that matter. Our gift guide was meant for that special gal or dude in your life. Most on the list will transcend to either gender, and are at different price points whether that’s champagne or beer taste budgets. Either way we’re keeping it unfussy yet just enough of fancy.

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How the 90s Never Really Left

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.51.30 AM

Let’s face it. We can’t really say that the 90s has seen a recent major comeback, because in fact it feels like it never left. Somehow some way every designer or a fellow fashion person you know couldn’t quite let go of the feel-good ‘dazed and confused’ nostalgia— relentlessly bringing back its reincarnation over and over again. Much like the baby boomers that can’t let go of that one concert called Woodstock, you can bet you’ll see this era cementing its stay for a while. With shows like our beloved Full House coming back  to Courtney Love’s recent design collaboration with Nasty Gal , the 90s does not give a rat’s ass that it’s 2016.

Riding on the 90s train, rapper A$AP Rocky is adding to the throwback movement with a 29 piece capsule collection with Guess founder Paul Marciano. A$AP’s inspiration for the collection recalls some of his favorite looks from the brand’s nineties heyday — complete with its iconic inverted triangle logo. You can expect the find oversized jackets, striped crew neck tees, logo’d crop tops and overalls with the triangle logo screen printed on the inside. The collaboration also officially launches the brand’s Guess Originals, which Marciano calls a “modern heritage-driven line.”

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Derek Zoolander Lands His First Vogue Cover

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 10.34.08 AM

Let’s start with the most compelling philosophical question of the universe: Is there more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good-looking? Fair question, no? And urgent now that the legend is back: Derek Zoolander aka Ben Stiller. It’s been a long time coming for  Zoolander. After walking NYFW in 2001 for Mugatu’s Derelict collection (which was far too ahead of its time, because fifteen years later Kanye West has made homeless chic oh so passé with his Yeezy collections) and unveiling his look “Magnum”, Zoolander faded into obscurity. Rumor has it that he took his successes and found a more noble pursuit, starting a charity school for kids you don’t read good and want to learn to do other stuff good too, and it seemed like Zoolander had no plans to return to the industry that built him up. It wasn’t until last year when he and long-time friend and collaborator Hansel closed Valentino’s Fall 2015 menswear show, that the iconic male model had walked a runway. Not missing a beat and becoming the face for the subseuent campaign, it became apparent that Zoolander was and still is a force to be reckoned and that he can still hold his own on the catwalk fifteen years after his rise and fall. Now, he’s back! Zoolander has landed his first Vogue cover, forever cementing him in the hallowed halls of Fashion History and elevating him from Super Model to Fashion Icon.  Continue Reading

Remembering David Bowie


In The Man Who Fell to Earth, David Bowie plays an alien visitor name Thomas Newton who has landed on the Earth to gather sustenance to take back to his home planet. There is a scene in which Bowie, opposite Candy Clark, stands in the kitchen of his new house on our planet, he looks earnestly at her and says in a soft and sad voice, eerily calm, “If I stay here, I shall die.” She shrugs off his words, leans in for a kiss and says, “Take me with you,” but again, Bowie reminds her, and the viewers, “I can’t stay.”

And he couldn’t.

When a star dies, the core cools into a white dwarf, then a black dwarf. This is what happens when a normal-sized star dies. If a really huge star dies, it has so much mass that after the helium is used up, it still has enough carbon to fuse it into heavy elements like iron. When the core turns to iron, it no longer burns. David Bowie was a star even grander. He was the prettiest star. He was the Blackstar. His death was quiet. After an eighteen month battle with cancer, surrounded by family he finally succumbed to his illness. His passing didn’t bring a cosmic shift. He died in his home in New York, sometime in the late hours of January 10th and the early ones of January 11th, two days after his 69th birthday and the release of his uncannily prophetic music video for his latest song Lazarus. “Look up here,” his voice opens in the haunting track. “I’m in heaven.” David Bowie’s death was reticent, but his legacy still burns brighter and even brighter still. Somewhere, in this galaxy or the next, there is a new star, being born. Somewhere out in the deep and cavernous cosmos, an alien named Ziggy has returned home. One thing is for sure – the stars look very different today.

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Jaden Smith x Louis Vuitton


Seventeen-year-old Jaden Smith is a Renaissance man. He’s a rapper, an actor, a philosopher, an anthropologist, a scientist, a fashion designer and now he can add model to his repertoire. On Saturday, Louis Vuitton’s creative director Nicholas Ghesquiére announced Jaden as the new face of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection in an Instagram post on, writing:

“Happy to introduce Jaden Smith @christiaingrey in the new SS16@louisvuitton ad Campaign photographed by Bruce Weber.”

The accompanying photo featured Jaden sporting the brands new womenswear collection, posing with other models, in a white fringe top and black pleated skirt. Smith has been flexible in fashion for some time. He introduced gender-neutral tunics and skirts into his 2013 line of clothes for his own label, MSFTSrep. And he’s often seen sporting skirts and dresses on a day-to-day basis, so this newest evolution in his style maturation seems as natural and as fluid as his gender. “We are all living with this new dimension. We are all managing how to integrate these new notions of digital, virtual, and cyber with our real life,” mused Nicolas Ghesquière backstage at his Spring 2016 Louis Vuitton show. That notion played out on the runway with techno-savvy leather knits, pretty-meets-punk dresses, and platform sandals that looked like something a video game character might sport to kick ass in an HD world. As it turns out, a video game character does sport those very shoes—in Louis Vuitton’s new campaign.

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Santa’s Gone Stylish


You better watch out, you better not cry, and we’re about to tell you why: Santa Claus is getting an upgrade. One of Father Christmas’s most important skills (second only to being able to travel around the world in a day), is his ability to evolve with the times. In Portland, Santa has opted to rock a man-bun and he’s traded his sleigh for a fixie bike–no official word on the conditions of elvish labor, but we’re guessing his version of the North Pole is a co-op. A little further North, in Toronto, there’s another Santa that’s taking a different approach at reimagining what the jolly old man would look like with some modern appeal and he’s all about suave sophistication and he’s got such a killer eye for style, it’s almost Naughty. Continue Reading