Keep This Flatiron on Ice!



First, there was the age-old tactic of rinsing your hair with cold water after cleansing to lock in moisture and boost shine. Then came the “cool shot,” a function on your blow dryer that blasts cold air through the nozzle to hold your style of choice in place. Today, a hairstylist from New Zealand takes the concept of cold conditioning to a new level with an innovative tool that uses sub-zero temperatures to seal the hair cuticle, delivering hydration and a glossy finish.As effective as traditional methods of cold conditioning are, each has its downside. No one enjoys the feeling of freezing water trickling down their back in the shower, and the last thing you want is to blow a hairstyle that’s taken hours to perfect out of place with a wave of cold air from the cool shot.Instead, the Inverse Hair Conditioning System is more precise. Modeled after a small, cordless flat iron, the tool clamps sections of your hair between two frozen plates to infuse your strands with moisture. “During scientific investigations, it was observed that subzero temperatures lock in moisture, which is the basis of healthy, more manageable hair,” says David Roe, founder of Inverse. “Inverse helps balance the effects of external elements and locks in moisture to keep it strong and healthy. It will also make the hair less susceptible to damage and breakage.”

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10 Reasons To Get A Bob


Rihanna on Ellen; Photo Courtsey of Kacey K Jewelry

When two of pop culture’s biggest names make the same style choice at the same time, you know something’s afoot.

On Feb. 12, at New York Fashion Week, singer Rihanna debuted her new fashion line, Fenty x Puma, a melding of edgy street style and provocative lace-up looks. After the last model left the catwalk, the designer emerged in an oversize winter hoodie to take a bow, her newly bobbed locks clearly visible. Fast forward to the Grammy Awards three days later as pop princess Taylor Swift swept onto the red carpet with a sleek blond bob, a look that instantly set the Internet ablaze.

Yes, the bob is back—this time with bangs and with six fresh variations that suggest the ultrashort cut might flatter anyone. Think model Katie Moore’s razor-sharp red, snipped into a wedge-like shape by backstage hairstylist Guido Palau at Alexander Wang. Peyton Knight, too, took the Palau plunge, exchanging her lash-skimming fringe for a twee set of baby bangs.

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