L’Oreal Launches Smart Hairbrush at CES: A Bargain at $189?

By: Jack Neff

Originally Published on Adage

How much would you pay for a smart hairbrush? L’Oreal is about to find out. Its Kerastase luxury hair-care brand is unveiling a $189 digitally connected brush at CES, injecting tech into a seemingly unlikely age-old product.

The Kerastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings, which will be available to consumers later this year, is billed as the world’s first smart hairbrush, developed in collaboration with L’Oreal’s Research and Innovation Technology Incubator. It features advanced sensors and product design from Nokia‘s Withings digital-health unit combined with patent-pending signal-analysis algorithms from L’Oreal to score the quality of hair and monitor the effects of various hair-care routines. An accompanying mobile app gives tips on how to brush hair and customized hair product recommendations.

Of course, a standard hairbrush starts under $5 at Walmart, but L’Oreal isn’t blazing new territory on the price front, not by a longshot. There are already $200-and-up handcrafted boar-bristle hairbrushes to be found. But this isn’t just about fancy materials or eye-pleasing design. It’s about the tech, which was enough to win the brush an International CES Innovation Award from TechTimes.com celebrating outstanding product design and engineering in consumer products.

“I’m not going to tell you that around $200 is not a high price for a brush,” said Guive Balooch, global VP of L’Oreal’s Research and Innovation Incubator. But he said hair brushes already on the market range up to $300 or $400 with no sensors or app, and even when the Hair Coach was tested by consumers without sensors, it performed well. “We didn’t want to make a connected brush that people wouldn’t love on its own,” he said.

Smart Hair Tools

The Kerastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings is a smart hairbrush that will sell for $189. Credit: Withings

But then there are the sensors and algorithms, which he said really do make a difference.

Research by L’Oreal scientists finds forceful hair brushing can cause damage, including breakage and split ends. The Hair Coach minimizes these risks using multiple sensors to provide information on the quality of hair and brushing patterns.

The tech includes a microphone that listens to the sound of hair brushing to identify patterns and provide insights on manageability, frizz, dryness, split ends and breakage. It also uses 3-axis load cells to measure force applied when brushing. An accelerometer and gyroscope further analyze brushing patterns and count strokes, providing feedback when brushing is too vigorous. Conductivity sensors on the splash-proof brush determine if the brush is being used on wet or dry hair to provide accurate measurement.

All these sensors feed data via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the app, which takes into account such weather factors as humidity, temperature, UV radiation and wind. Factoring in how people brush and environmental factors, the app provides a “hair quality score,” data on the effectiveness of brushing habits, personalized tips and Karastase product recommendations.

The smart brush is really more sophisticated than many fitness bands on the market that may sell for only $40 less, with considerably more sensors and more data collected and analyzed, Mr. Balooch noted.

How much difference will all that data make to people? He acknowledged that it’s hard to know until they try it, but he compared it to the My UV Patch that L’Oreal launched last year, where he didn’t know how much difference it would make until it was in widespread use.

“Now we have information on the UV patch where we see over 60% of the users have less sunburn, and more than 35% use more sunscreen and have healthier habits,” Mr. Balooch said. “I hope we have the same thing with the brush where people become aware of the right routines to use, or those who have color-treated hair or straighten their hair use the right treatments after.”

L’Oreal also will use aggregated and anonymized data to aid in product development, he said.

The company’s biggest consumer tech hit to date is probably the Makeup Genius augmented reality app, with more than 20 million people who have used it to virtually try on facial makeup, with the idea later applied to nails.

“Makeup Genius and My UV Patch both look to be transformative technologies,” Mr. Balooch said. “We hope the brush will be the third.”

It’s Pink Friday, huge sale on items from PINK!



Just in case you missed the memo there is huge sale happening at Victorias Secret. Our favorites are the new bralettes  available in new colors and designs. Pair them with a drapey open neck top and leave some lace peeking through for an effortless look that is sultry and comfortable. Fashion Hauler rates this sale an A+.

5 Skincare Products for Glowing Skin


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Getting the right skincare routine down can be pretty daunting. We all want that healthy dewy glow, but how can one achieve it? With a multitude of products out there, it takes a little bit of homework to figure out what’s best for your skin. We should point out that the first step to getting clear skin, is to start from the inside out. Incorporate tons of veggies, fruits, and drink plenty of water in your daily diet to flush out all those toxins. Not only will you see the results physically, but you’ll feel a whole lot of changes going on in the inside too. Bonus! Your skin is the largest organ, and is the gateway for expelling all the bad stuff that’s going on within. When you see redness or sudden breakouts, it’s an alert from your body saying, “Change what you’re doing sister —I don’t like it.”

As for skincare, get rid of all those drying cleansers and apricot scrubs you’ve been using. Those kind of products tear up the skin and bring more harm than good. Instead opt for gentle micro-abrasion products that are super gentle in getting rid of dead skin. Also make sure to moisturize daily, especially with ones that don’t have parabens and fragrances. We love using the Think Dirty app, that detects any hidden garbage in products that are harmful for your skin.

Check out our picks of the most beloved products out there that won’t break the bank, and get the results you’re looking for in no time.

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Pucker Up In Lancome’s Juicy Shakers


Source: Pop Sugar via Lancome

Taking a dash of  nostalgia and current beauty trends into account, Lancome has launched the next generation of flavored lip color this April with Juicy Shaker. A throwback to their Juicy Tubes launched in 2000 and a nod to the brand’s products from 1946, The Shaker . The Shaker was a lipstick that featured a martini-shaker-shaped silhouette, as this was the time period when cocktails were very in vogue. You’ll see that same shape in this new item’s packaging. There are many attributes that make Juicy Shaker special in comparison to its predecessors. When you open the box, you’ll find that the color has settled to the bottom of the bottle, letting the nourishing blend of apricot, cranberry, peach, almond, and rose de muscat oils rise to the top. Take the package and shake it — you’ll hear the familiar sound of a martini shaker as you mix your cosmetic cocktail. Once you uncork the cap, you’ll find an innovative cushion applicator. Dabbing it onto your lips feels like kissing a supersoft teddy bear and leaves your pout infused with a sheer wash of color. Continue Reading

8 Spring Beauty Trends Right Off the Runway

natural-01-versace-best-beauty-ss16 2

Photographed by Kevin Tachman, courtesy of Vogue

Through daring new haircuts, celebrations of air-dried texture, and brazen dashes of glitter, the Spring 2016 runway shows took the call to individuality to soaring new heights. Starting with the season’s dynamic casting, which favored charismatic personalities (Gigi Hadid! Zoë Kravitz! Beth Ditto!) and bold gestures over anonymous model armies and blanket beauty statements, the best hair and makeup looks celebrated unique style. In some cases, that meant healthy skin, swirls of tawny blush, and subtle shading that heightened the effect of an unconventional set of features. But there were plenty of playful makeup declarations, too, in the form of daubed-on red lipstick or swaths of blue eyeshadow (the mere range of which, from Dries Van Noten’s stripe of glitter to Chanel’s pastel eye mask, proved there’s no wrong way to dip into the versatile palette). Hair conveyed a relaxed polish, finding its stride in personalized plaits and ponytails, updos that could be executed in the middle of the day, and idiosyncratic cuts primed for glittering accessories—if the impulse should strike. Yes, this season is all about small ways of accentuating your au naturale beauty.

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Lea Michele Wants to Bring Back The Bees


Lea Michele and Burt’s Bees want you to imagine a world without bees with the launch of its _urt’s _ees Bring Back the Bees campaign. (The brand has even removed the b’s from its name to help stress the importance of the cause, get it?!) The Scream Queens actress wanted to team up with the iconic natural beauty brand to bring awareness to an issue that she believes is vital: saving the depleting bee population.Michele’s own passion for food and cooking, and the surprising connection that bees have to the foods we eat, is one of the many reasons that she feels connected to the campaign and its cause, “I had no idea that bees pollinate one-third of the foods we eat and with them disappearing at such an alarming rate how gravely it affects the foods we eat and our environment. It’s really scary and devastating, so I’m trying to take this opportunity to educate other people who may not be as aware of how much this could affect us,” she said on her website. Continue Reading

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If any Paris showgoers have been fretting over the fate of the fashion world, they needn’t: Their superhero has arrived! Practically swooping into the Chanel front row this morning, shod in a body-hugging gray mesh jumpsuit by the brand, Willow Smith high-kicked her way into the stately aisles of the Grand Palais in a pair of signature two-tone Chanel ankle boots, like a well-suited crusader with a penchant for luxury goods. The young actress, singer, and song writer has been wearing Chanel for public appearances since 2013, and was photographed by Lagerfeld for V Magazine in 2014. Now it seems that the partnership between the star and the fashion house is expanding. Today, Willow Smith was announced as the latest ambassador for Chanel. Continue Reading

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Two months after the company’s collaboration with Gwen Stefani, Urban Decay has just announced that Jane-of-all-Trades and professional babe Ruby Rose is the new face for a new collection. They announced the news earlier this morning, along with her new title: Most Addictive New Vice. What exactly does this entail? “Just to keep rocking our world and spreading the gospel of our self-expression, addiction to color, and ‘beauty with an edge.’” The brand posted a shot of the model-actress-DJ with a sultry smoky cat eye and a hot pink shimmery lip earlier this morning on their Instagram account. This seems like a match made in heaven for the edgy makeup brand and equally edgy and outspoken Rose. She said in a press release, “Urban Decay believes in supporting individuality and personal self-expression—two values I hold very dear—because everyone deserves the freedom to explore their personality and discover their true selves.” I mean, we couldn’t think of a more fitting face for the brand—even the brand’s Instagram caption reads, “Ruby Rose. Urban Decay. Obviously.” Continue Reading

Beauty Trends As Told by Milan Fashion Week

Models at Chanel; photo courtesy of Vogue.com

A cinematic feeling swept through Milan Fashion Week, infusing the most winning beauty looks with a powerful femininity and a dark new glamour. There was much to learn from the beauty looks seen on the catwalks last week. From throwback hairstyles to tropical colors, the city’s approach to Autumn / Winter 2016 was bold and expressive. There were lots of brushed-out curls and reinvented cat-eyes to 1940s-inspired waves with a thoroughly modern twist, the most memorable moments shrugged off the no-makeup makeup and gym hair of recent seasons past—and, in the process, turned our favorite classics on their head. After seasons of no-makeup makeup and hair that “the models could have totally done themselves,” we’re finally seeing the return of strong hair and makeup looks on the runway. “It’s a natural progression; it was bound to happen,” said hairstylist Anthony Turner backstage at Missoni. Turner created a graphic finger-waved ponytail at Salvatore Ferragamo this season. “It feels like we’re doing hair again, and even with makeup, we’re starting to see makeup again, too.” So sit back, get excited, and take a look back at the biggest beauty trends we saw in Milan this week.

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Keep This Flatiron on Ice!



First, there was the age-old tactic of rinsing your hair with cold water after cleansing to lock in moisture and boost shine. Then came the “cool shot,” a function on your blow dryer that blasts cold air through the nozzle to hold your style of choice in place. Today, a hairstylist from New Zealand takes the concept of cold conditioning to a new level with an innovative tool that uses sub-zero temperatures to seal the hair cuticle, delivering hydration and a glossy finish.As effective as traditional methods of cold conditioning are, each has its downside. No one enjoys the feeling of freezing water trickling down their back in the shower, and the last thing you want is to blow a hairstyle that’s taken hours to perfect out of place with a wave of cold air from the cool shot.Instead, the Inverse Hair Conditioning System is more precise. Modeled after a small, cordless flat iron, the tool clamps sections of your hair between two frozen plates to infuse your strands with moisture. “During scientific investigations, it was observed that subzero temperatures lock in moisture, which is the basis of healthy, more manageable hair,” says David Roe, founder of Inverse. “Inverse helps balance the effects of external elements and locks in moisture to keep it strong and healthy. It will also make the hair less susceptible to damage and breakage.”

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